There’s a lot to think about when you’re getting married, and everything is going to come to a head on your wedding day. As such, it makes sense to pick the best accommodation possible for the night before. Lots of couples choose to take rooms at a hotel, but it’s actually a lot more convenient and enjoyable to book a pair of serviced apartments, and here’s why.


You’ll have a lot on your plate the day before your wedding, but you’ll also want to relax for an hour or two and bond with your groomsmen or bridesmaids. After all, this is a big day, and it’s wonderful to have that last chance to get together before you tie the knot. A serviced apartment provides a nice living room area where you can all sit back and enjoy each other’s company.


The room provided by a serviced apartment will also be extremely advantageous when you’re still getting ready. Wedding dresses are tough to get on, and hotel rooms are notoriously lacking in open space. When one person is trying to do your hair and the other is focused on makeup, there’s barely enough room to breathe. A serviced apartment will make things easier.


Ensuring a clean and welcoming environment is crucial when seeking a serviced apartment for your wedding stay. Thorough cleaning, including vacuuming and dusting, is implemented to eliminate allergens and dirt from all surfaces. Mopping guarantees gleaming floors, while special attention is given to high-touch areas like doorknobs and light switches for optimal hygiene. Exterior spaces, such as balconies and patios, can be cleaned using equipments like 3000 psi pressure washer from A1 Pressure Washers or similar companies. These washers efficiently remove stubborn stains and grime, ensuring that exterior spaces like balconies and patios are not only visually appealing but also sanitized for comfort. The meticulous use of advanced cleaning techniques and state-of-the-art equipment ensures a comfortable and hygienic experience for you as you prepare for your special day.


Things will flow a lot more easily on the day itself if all your groomsman and bridal party are staying in the same location. Unfortunately, hotels are commonly unimpressed by people attempting to double up or share rooms, so you’ll probably have to blow a hefty chunk of your budget booking rooms for each of your party. A shared apartment is different. As many people can stay as you like, and you’ll be able to find larger ones that accommodate plenty of people at once. Paying for a single large serviced apartment is going to be cheaper than paying for multiple hotel rooms.


Want to go out and have drinks the night before? You’ll find it more convenient if you book a serviced apartment. These accommodations will be right in the centre of the city, so you can swing out, grab a few glasses of wine, then saunter back without worrying about picking a designated driver or finding a cab.