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How do you define a summer holiday?

  For me, it would be about fun in the sun, no stress, and beautiful surroundings. We are lucky therefore that we are so close to some amazing summer holiday destinations!


How to Start Enjoying Later Life

Many people fear ageing and believe that getting older means life starts to become boring or too routine, but this could not be further from the truth. When you get older, you gain more life experience, and these experiences will only grow and become more exciting as they go along. Enjoying life as you approach […]

Read More... highlight the 50 hottest hotel openings of 2015

Luxury independent travel website,, which specialises in showcasing the prestigious and the exotic, the inspiring and the sophisticated from the world of conscience-driven luxury travel, has today (February 12th) released its guide to the 50 hottest luxury hotel openings of 2015.


Boutique Hotels

My partner and I definitely think of ourselves as modern travellers. Traveling is such a huge part of our lives and we’re so glad we have the chance to go around the world. We’re constantly improving how we travel, learning not just from our own experience but the experience of other people too–so thanks to […]


Let’s Play!

Sometimes when you’re on holidays you do the strangest things. I’m not talking about watersports or visiting tourist attractions that are a little bit out of the way, I mean things that are totally alien to your surroundings. On a recent holiday to the island of Koh Samui in Thailand I was sitting on a […]


Magic Holiday

Well, we’re off again! The weather is starting to warm up a bit, and we like hitting some new place to travel to and discover for ourselves before the middle of summer which is when the tourists are really out in droves. It’s not that we are loners or suffer from enochlophobia (that’s a fear […]


5 of the World’s Most Epic Ferry Rides

Often overlooked in favour of airplanes, ferries boast numerous advantages for the traveller. For shorter journeys they can often be faster, with the added bonus of economical prices and spectacular scenery. The world’s most iconic sights and city skylines look different on approach from the water. Here are five ferry rides to add to your […]