France is home to so much more than Paris. While Paris is stunning, there is a lot more to this magnificent country than the capital. Head out of Paris. Here you will see a wealth of beautiful towns, lovely countryside retreats and powdery mountains. France is vast and different. There is so much to see and enjoy within this gorgeous country. The food is a delight on the palate, and the views and scenery are unrivalled.

Let’s take a look at some fun and fabulous places to visit in France.

  1.    Morzine

If you are looking for an authentic Alps adventure, you need to head to the Morzine region of France. It is a gorgeous wintry wonderland. The powdery, snowy mountains make for a different look of France. After all, there is much more to enjoy in the country than Parisian culture. If you want to take in spectacular views and hone your skiing abilities, you will love the luxury chalet Morzine has to offer. This will ensure that you are making the most of your French adventure. There are some stunning panoramic views of the area. The sights are simply breathtaking. Mountains, scenery and luxury chalets. What could be better?

  1.    French Riviera

The French Riviera has become synonymous with class and style. Where better to rub shoulders with the rich and famous? There is a multitude of things to do in this lush part of the country. It’s one of France’s more modern resorts and is the home of Saint Tropez. If you want to top up your tan and explore this fabulous part of France, you are in for a treat. There is a wealth of shops, restaurants and beaches for you to enjoy. This is the perfect relaxing retreat.

  1.    Versailles

For those that want to experience cultural delights on their next holiday, head to Versailles. This historical region within France is home to stunning architecture and fantastic history. Wandering around the streets of Versailles is a must. It’s free to do, too. The Gardens of Versailles are a UNESCO heritage site. They are truly beautiful and a must for all. This is how to see French cities. Paris is beautiful, but Versailles is out of this world. If you are something of a history buff, you are sure to love this fantastic city.

  1.    Lyon

Lyon is France’s second city and is located between Paris and Marseille. Every year, the city has a festival of light, earning its well-deserved reputation of Capital of Lights. The area is also home to many UNESCO world heritage sites. A firm favourite is the Historic Site of Lyon.  This site boasts renaissance style architecture and a wealth of urban history. What is more, the food in Lyon is exceptional. The cuisine makes it France’s capital of food. Pike and poached eggs is a firm favourite with the French and tourists. There is also an abundance of wine growing areas within Lyon. If you want good wine, good food and historical places of interest, Lyon is the place to be.

14944903015_38e485fe88_zThis image of Morzine has been sourced from Flickr

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