Everyone needs to get away from it all every once in a while, which is why many people absolutely can’t wait to plan and take a vacation at least once a year. Whether you are heading off to someplace new or an old favourite locale, and whether you are traveling in the summer or the winter, be sure to pack a great pair of sunglasses–or more than one pair, just in case–so that you can protect your eyes.


Photo by Chris Wilkinson

But how can you go about picking the very best sunglasses for your upcoming trip? Continue reading for a few helpful tips.

Planning Strenuous Outdoor Activities?

If you are planning a trip that will have you enjoying strenuous outdoor activities, like climbing, hiking, biking, etc., stick with lightweight frames that are made of materials such as nylon and polycarbonate lenses. These will be really comfortable. But you also want the frames to be resilient, with a rubberized grip especially on the nose and temples in order to keep the sunglasses in place no matter how much you sweat and move.

To enhance protection from the sun’s rays in your periphery, go for curved lenses that will also block out wind and other debris more effectively. And stick with bronze, rose, and amber tints on the lenses in order to increase the contrast of the colours that surround you so that you can follow trails better. Finally, stick with hydrophobic lens coatings that will effectively keep sweat off of them and maintain a clear view.


Planning a Trip to the Beach?

Many people choose to get away to someplace tropical so that they can lazily lounge on a beach and go swimming. For these activities, stick with sunglasses that are polarised and that will effectively block the blinding glare that comes off of the water. You may want to check and buy sunglasses online before going on the trip. These particular lenses will also work to boost colours in your environment so that you can really take everything in and enjoy it.

As with sunglasses for hiking, stick with lenses that have hydrophobic coatings if you plan on being near or on the water. Again, these lenses will keep moisture away and keep your lenses clear. The best colours for lenses that you can wear near the water are bronze and dark amber because they provide more clarity by improving contrast and blocking out blue light that can lead to blurriness. You can also opt for curved lenses here as well, along with mirrored coatings that will help you to see clearly even when the sun is reflecting off the water.

Bring a Pair of Fashionable Sunglasses for Sightseeing

For casual walks and sightseeing, as well as days enjoying the local culture and cuisine, you can purchase any one of the many designer brands of sunglasses that are available from outlets like Red Hot Sunglasses. With casual activities, you don’t need to worry as much about lens shapes and coatings, so you can instead focus on simply looking your best. The trendiest brands and styles are easy to find.