Costa Rica is a great place to visit, especially for those who love the sunny tropics and the idea of lying on a beach and drinking pina coladas and margaritas. Besides the sun and beaches, Costa Rica has many other things to offer that make it the perfect vacation destination.

Did you know that Costa Ricans are considered the happiest people in the world? It’s interesting considering that many of them don’t have much in the realm of material holdings, but their laidback lifestyles and friendly attitudes make Costa Rica a great place to hang out with the locals and make new friends.

But that’s not all. Here are more reasons why Costa Rica is so awesome.

The Rainforests Look Like They Are Straight From Jurassic Park

The jungles of Costa Rica are absolutely pristine and host an amazing array of wildlife from insects to mammals, fish, birds and amphibians. If you are a lover of nature, Costa Rica is a must see destination for you.

Not only does Costa Rica have many forests, their forests can actually be classified into 3 different types. These include rainforests, cloud forests and dry forests.

The rainforests can be seen most anywhere, but the cloud forests are what are a sight to see. They are located on the sides of mountains and volcanoes and are due to the rich habitat and humidity. Fog seems to hover over everything and thick mosses and ferns grow as far as the eye can see.

Adventure Awaits In The Costa Rican Terrain

The list of activities in Costa Rica never ends. Most all are based on outdoor activities. There is a different climate depending on where you go, so if you’re feeling like a sunny hot day, go to the beach. If you’re feeling like ziplining through a breathtaking Costa Rican jungle, you can do that.

You can paddle board, you can snorkel, you can go horseback riding, you can spend the afternoon on a boat, you can even repel down the face of a waterfall! No matter your cup of tea, chances are, Costa Rica serves it. It’s just about getting over there and trying new and adventurous things!

Meet and Greet and Drink Caffeine

Tropical landscapes hold the most conducive environment for diverse wildlife and for growing coffee. In Costa Rica, you can go on a wildlife extrusion and drink coffee at the same time. If you’re all about efficiency, this is the thing for you.

VIsit Palo Verde National Park and see over 300 different species while you make your way to a genuine coffee roaster! How cool would it be to sip on a cup of hardy coffee while you hold a staring competition with the monkeys?