Hang on – what on earth am I talking about here? I mean after all, aren’t frequent travellers always on the road, jumping at any chance to take a holiday? Well, let me throw in an English lesson while I’m at it explaining the difference between the exploits of frequent travellers versus what tourists get up to when they go on vacation.

The difference between a holiday and a vacation doesn’t exist really – it’s just a matter of the English used in different parts of the world, i.e. a vacation in UK English is a holiday, so if I make reference some ideas for Greece luxury family holidays, “holidays” is interchangeable with “vacations” for those of our readers who are based in the United States or those who live in countries which use US English.

Now, getting back to the meat of the matter, the difference between a frequent traveller and a tourist who goes on holiday is vast, with frequent travellers travelling all over the show as a lifestyle, while tourists usually only enjoy a holiday destination once in a while, like once or twice a year. So I guess it makes perfect sense now to refer to frequent travellers who go on holiday, but it makes for some interesting reading to explore exactly what changes when these frequent travellers go on holiday (take a vacation).

Enjoying a step-up in class

When you’re a frequent traveller then pretty much everything about your travels is somewhat of a chore, because you’re always looking for the best deal you can possibly get. So when frequent travellers officially go on their annual holiday as well, they step things up as far as class goes.

They’d go from something like scrimping in a backpackers’ hostel in Thailand to enjoying all the comforts that come with taking a luxury vacation in Greece. They walk less and perhaps make use of private transportation means, and living off instant noodles gives way to enjoying some of the best meals served in some of the finest dining establishments around.

They really relax and turn into the tourists everybody otherwise thinks they always are when they’re going about their regular travelling business…

Less inhibited spending habits

If the one time you join a frequent traveller is when they’re enjoying their annual vacation instead of slumming it out on the road as part of their regular travelling exploits, you might be mistaken to think that they’re extremely wealthy and perhaps hide it well. Their spending habits are at their least inhibited state when they’re on their annual holiday, perhaps even assisted by some frequent traveller loyalty rewards which have been piling up as a result of their regular travels.

For example, a frequent traveller who has booked accommodation through a specific booking agency a few times might be eligible for some kind of discount when they decide to step things up and book more luxurious accommodation than that which they usually stay in.