Whether you’re taking a city break or heading to a new metropolis for business, it definitely pays to think about where your accommodation is going to be as well as what type of accommodation you’re going to choose. City centre places are commonly more expensive than those located on the outskirts, but visitors tend to find them worth the cost and then some.

Here are just a few reasons why city centre accommodation should always be your preferred option for shorter visits.

Easy Transportation

If you’re flying in for a shorter visit, you probably won’t want the hassle of hiring a car. That means taking taxis or depending on public transportation, which can become expensive and inconvenient when you aren’t right in the middle of things. Even if you have a car, it’s much easier to find your way around when you’re in the city centre.

Everything’s Just a Walk Away

Of course, there’s often no need to use any kind of vehicle at all. Unless you’re staying in a fairly large city, you should find that most areas can be reached by foot in just a half hour or so. If you’re going to be attending meetings, you’ll be able to walk to your destination without worrying about the time. If you’re visiting for a holiday, you’ll find all the city’s top attractions right on your doorstep.

Find Superior Accommodation

As a general rule, city centre accommodation tends to be of a higher quality than establishments found on the outskirts. For example, you should be able to find plenty of first-class serviced apartments converted from period buildings when you look in the centre. Outside the city centre, hotels will be focused more on economy than luxury or quality.

Get a Feel for the City

Finally, staying in the middle of a city lets you get a feel for the place in a way that staying further out doesn’t. When you walk out your door, you’ll feel right in the thick of things. The street you’re on will probably have been part of the community for hundreds of years.