Occasionally, you can be frustrated with air travel especially if you are served with overpriced and bland food or going through old fashioned terminals. Well, set foot in Singapore’s Changi Airport and all these will be a thing of the past.

Now for the seventh consecutive year, the airport has been voted as the best in the world. This was announced at the annual World Airport Awards by Skytrax, an air travel review site. The customer satisfaction survey covers travellers from all over the world.

This comes as no surprise with the airport management committed to making the overall customer experience even better. So, what has propelled the Asian air traffic hub to be the best international airport? Is it the famous beautiful gardens, the movie theatres or the rooftop swimming pool? Below are the reasons why Singapore’s Changi Airport is the best international airport:

The appearance

We mentioned old fashioned terminals as one of the things that can be boring in air travel. At Singapore’s Changi airport, there is nothing of the sort. The moment you arrive there you will notice that everything has been modernized to enhance the ambience.

Terminal 3 commissioned in 2008 at a cost of SGD1.75 billion is a good example. It has a ceiling fitted with computer-controlled skylights that regulate the amount of natural light entering the terminal. The beauty of the skylights is further enhanced by shaping them in the form of butterflies. You should plan a trip to Singapore for a vacation as you also find out how amazing this airport is. For hassle-free and quick processing of your Singapore visa, engage one of the best visa agents. All you need to reach the agent is to check here.


Everybody would like to avoid queues as much as they could. It will be very frustrating to find long check-in queues after a busy day. At Changi Airport, you will hardly find any queue at the check-in counters. You simply get in, your bags are checked and then head straight to security.

Food and drinks

The food at Changi airport is tasty and affordable. But this is not the appealing thing about it. It has been prepared in a manner that it firmly adheres to the traditions and culture of the city. It might sound like a simple concept but you will hardly find meals like these in airports.

In addition, there is a hawker centre- an iconic Singapore food street, in terminal 3 of Changi airport. Here you find food from different cultures- local, Chinese, Thai, Indian, and Japanese just to mention but a few.

Passing of time

When you are at Changi airport, the phrase passing time loses its meaning. You might find yourself wishing for your flight to be delayed a bit the moment you realize how amazing the facilities in the airport are. You will no longer be passing time but enjoying yourself.

Starting from the air lounges, the butterfly gardens, kids playing area, sleeping area, movie theatres and a gym- you will hardly get bored at this airport. You are even given free tours to Singapore city! Amazing, isn’t it?

Almost everyone globally agrees that the Singapore Changi Airport is the best international airport and rightfully it is indeed. There are tons of things to can see and do there. Additionally, the recreational facilities at the airport are amazing. Dethroning Changi as the best international airport is not going to happen soon.