My passion is travel. Anywhere. Anytime. Anyway. Hi, this is Sarah Jane Thomas here, and I wanted to share with you some ideas about travel and where I have been. I’m only 23 years old, and I have already travelled through 20 countries! I also love writing about it so that this blog will be the start of the official record of my travel adventures. I have been submitting blogs to other travel websites but thought I could probably start one of my own.

How to Save to Travel

When I am not travelling, I am working and living cheaply. The cost of living for me has to be cheap because I am always saving my money for the next trip. Nothing wrong with living cheaply if you have a goal. I live in London, just in a bedsit above an electronics repair shop. It’s okay for my requirements, only the Underground to work. My social life is a bit of a mess because I’m not a lot of fun to go out with if I can’t afford a round of drinks. Well, I can afford them, but I just don’t want to fork out the money. A drink round can be £7 – £8, depending on how many of us are together, and I always mentally work that out as being a BlaBla car trip from one European city to another. Gosh, my mind sometimes.

By Road

Last summer I BlaBla car’ed all over Europe going from Frankfurt to Prague to Zagreb to Budapest to Rijeka then to Genoa and on to Nice. I met some great people as well as a few weird ones, but I was always safe. It’s a very cheap way to travel. Sometimes the whole trip is quiet if the person can’t speak any English or a bit of Spanish. I can speak enough Spanish to get by. My German is terrible and other languages? Forget it!

Accommodation Reviews

I tend to stay in hostels of course. They are a lot cheaper than hotels, but AirBNB and Couch Surfing are options as well. I am getting a bit suspicious about some of the reviews I have read because sometimes I have stayed at a place that got a rave review and found it to be terrible. It makes a person wonder about where the reviews come from. However, I am still mad keen on reading reviews as a guide to where I will stay. I hope they are genuine that’s all.


One of the most surprising countries for underrated hotels was China. I stayed at a hostel in a Hukou, that’s a small suburban street, and it was an utter luxury for about £2 a night, which included breakfast. That tempted me to enquire about a hotel, and I stayed in one in Yunnan Province for 120 RMB a night (£15) which also included brekky and a packed lunch for a touring day!

I have many stories and info to share with readers, so stay with me here and you can tune in. Feel free to add your own content with emails and advice and some funny tales as well. Happy travelling!