Write for a leading worldwide travel blog!

Becky and I love getting guest post articles that are about your travel tales, personal travel recommendations, food posts (mmm!) and even travel photography. Please read this entire page before you contact us about collaborating for a guest post.

If you would like to partner with us for a guest post, we will ask that you address each of these points in your initial contact:

  • Our readers are smart! So they appreciate well written, articulate content which they can enjoy and share with their friends. Please outline the content which you are proposing, as well as the sources you will be citing for stats, facts and data.
  • Travelers are visual people. This means that you will need to include some photos which you have the rights to, or if writing about a travel related subject which does not lend itself to photography (travel budgets, packing advice etc), try to find some concept images that apply.

Sound good? Simply get in touch by emailing sarah@makingtheworldwelcome.co.uk, and we’ll get back to you generally within a 72 hours, Please be sure to include the following to be considered:

  • Suggested topic related to our site
  • Sources you will use for data, stats, facts
  • Do not include images that you do not have the right to use

For topic ideas, try to stick to areas similar to this:

  • Holidays
  • Work travel
  • Transportation
  • Hotels & accommodation
  • Trip reviews
  • City guides
  • Backpacking
  • Travel stories
  • Event reviews
  • Place reviews
  • Product reviews (luggage, etc)
  • Resorts
  • Family holidays

If all that seems fair, please fill in the form below!