For many people, especially those living in the states, Mexico is one of the first places to go when vacation time rolls around the corner. Canada is nice in its own regard, but when you’re looking for a tropical getaway that is different than what you’re used to experiencing on the daily, Mexico is the perfect place to go to get that.

Not only do you get to eat amazing food and drink margaritas all day on the beach, you also get to take in the sun and enjoy a host of different landscapes while remaining in the same general vicinity. Pack your bags, and figure out the basics of your trip to Mexico now because Cabo is where you should be. If you’re an outdoor lover, here are 3 kinds of beautiful landscapes you’ll experience right in Cabo:

The Ocean, Duh

Assuming that you know your geography, Cabo is right on the ocean, so the ocean is one of the landscapes you’ll be taking in a lot. Of course, Mexico is a huge country, so there is much of Mexico that doesn’t sit on the oceanfront, but Cabo is located right on the tip of the Baja Peninsula, the long strip of land that comes off of the left side of the country.

Cabo is famous for its waterfront scenery. While you’re in the city go and see Lovers Beach and the Window to the Pacific. If you rent a glass bottom boat you can have a pleasant ride over to the sights while watching the sea life below.

The Desert

While Cabo sits right on the Ocean and there are ocean views in several directions, it really depends on where you are in Cabo. You’re still in the desert, so if you’re in a hotel that doesn’t sit right on the water, you’ll get a different experience of Cabo. you’ll see the desert side of things. It’s still so beautiful. Especially at sunset or sunrise. You can enjoy the desert in different ways, too. You can ride camels, you can take an ATV tour, or you can take a mountain biking tour. No matter what you choose to do, don’t worry, you’ll sweat in the desert, but luckily the ocean is not far away.

A Bird’s Eye View

If you have taken in your fair share of the ocean and desert from the ground, the next step, naturally, is to take it all in from above. There is nothing like getting a bird’s eye view. To help you achieve this there are air or sky tours that you can take right in Cabo. You can take out a plane, you can skydive, you can parasail, you can hang glide; whatever you want to do, somebody in Cabo is probably supplying the service.