With thousands of Americans flying for business every year, it makes sense to perfect your flight process as much as possible. People who are spending more time in the air than at home are especially going to want to make their flights comfortable and speedy. Whether you are a touring celebrity or a regular businessman, you want your days spent in transit to be as comfortable as possible.

For businessmen, frequent traveling brings more than a few considerations. With flight connections and long-distance travel, you have to be especially aware of your belongings, work documents, and other important paperwork. Many frequent flyers have developed their own strategies and care packages for days spent in transit. Included here are a few tips for frequent flyers.

Back Up Documents

While paper copies may still be essential at your next meeting, don’t forget to bring the original electronic form of the document. Always have electronic copies of all itineraries and meeting items with you to allow you to reprint if necessary. Don’t store your electronic backup in the same bag as your hard copies, either.

Map It Out

Looking like a tourist in an unfamiliar location is usually never a good idea. Failing to appear competent can make you a target for pickpockets and other common criminals. Before leaving on your trip, map out the addresses of your hotel, work location, and even a restaurant for dinner. Knowing where you are going before you get there can keep you looking and feeling confident, and help you avoid a last minute frazzled dash to a meeting.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can lead to a multitude of discomforts, from backed up bowels to cumbersome headaches. The recirculated air on planes is a notorious dehydrator, yet the airline often only supplies you with a small amount of water. To keep yourself hydrated and feeling good, be sure to stock up on your solutions in-between security and boarding.

TSA will allow you to bring an empty metal or plastic water bottle through security as well as collapsible type bottles as long as they are empty of liquids. After you make it through security, you can fill that bottle up at the nearest fountain and board your plane with a full bottle. If you don’t want to deal with keeping a reusable bottle with you, just buy a large disposable water bottle at one of the stands after security.

Pack Your Snacks

While airline food has improved in recent years, it still is pretty subpar for the amount it costs. To stave off mid-flight hunger, be sure to pack a few TSA approved snacks. Dried fruit, nuts, beef jerky, crackers, and sliced cheese will all make it through security and keep you feeling great throughout the flight.