Conventional stag do activities are pretty fun, but why do the obvious when you can be creative with the stag do activities?

Why not plan something which the groom will never expect in a million years?

Wedding day pressure is known to be quite devastating. Some grooms even run off on their wedding day due to an overload of pressure. Responsibilities, huh?

Read on to learn how to be the perfect best man right from the experts of

  1. Anti strippers

Every best man books a hot strip dance but you can change the game by calling in an anti-stripper. Sounds creepy, right? Yeah, it is! It may be the most terrifying activity in this list, but it’s the most fun too. Keep in mind that you don’t have to call a stereotypical beauty for your best friend; instead, a groom-bothering selection of ugly strippers, roly-poly strippers, granny strippers and what not! Laughing out loud already? The groom will have a one hell-of-a-experience; something that will cheer him up and help him forget the pressure of his Big Day.

  1. Zombie SWAT training

A zombie apocalypse is coming soon. Beware! Is your best friend a zombie movies’ buff? World War Z, 28 Days Later, Warm Bodies and Resident Evil series are his favs? Then this particular activity will blow his mind off. The name says it all. A zombie SWAT training will prepare y’all for the deadly apocalypse and boost everyone’s adrenaline levels off the charts. Physical activities like paintball, airsoft, an assault course & laser tag will fill your day and will take the groom’s mind off the wedding preps. How exciting is it to be a part of the Dead Killing Squad?

  1. Fencing

En Garde! Advance! Attaque au Fer! Don’t hurt your fellow musketeer before his Big Day! It’s all for fun. Fencing is quite a deadly sport. Although you are covered from head to toe with protective gear, when a naked blade comes at your with full force, you just lose your senses. Have a few hours of your stag weekend dedicated to learning to fence with your mates and see who comes out of it alive!

  1. Assassin shooting

Do y’all like guns? Ever used one? Why not include an assassin shooting activity in your stag do? Quite thrilling, ain’t it? All your action movies’ moments can turn into reality now. Take your chaps to the range and load ‘em the big boys to learn assassin style shooting techniques and some jaw-dropping moves that will blow off your mates’ brains.

  1. Escapologic

If your mate loves to solve puzzles, riddles, mysteries and cracking codes, then an escapologic activity will add to the excitement of the stag do. An ‘easy to enter but touch to escape’ room sounds quite thrilling already, isn’t it? Imagine how will the experience be in reality then.

  1. Nude life drawing

The best wife-approved way of checking out ladies in their natural attire is to go for nude life drawing. Quite similar to a strip club in some aspects, but it ain’t one! The ladies will give eye-popping poses while you have to examine the beauty and sketch it down on paper. Even if you are not an art enthusiast, such an activity will not only help you avoid trouble at home but will also offer your lads an eye-soothing experience.

It seems you can’t wait to plan a stag do for your best mate, and make sure that he does not run off on the bride like the other jerks! Clear the wedding pressure off him with a perfectly planned stag do!