So You’d Love To Travel?

There are many people who’d love to travel but never fulfill their dream. A two-week holiday is fine but forget about backpacking around the USA for several months. You need regular income, and you couldn’t get that if you travel, could you? Well, maybe you could. Since the evolution of the internet, ways to make money online have evolved. Many have found that this gives them the flexibility to live the life they want. With quality internet service, you can travel and work side-by-side without worrying about your financial stance. You can look for internet providers chicago or for another location that is your next destination, get a freelancing or remote job, and enjoy your life’s dream. Earning online can be one of the easiest ways to stay financially afloat while backpacking for months.

Checklist of Online Money Earning Activities

Here’s my list of online earning activities. Have a look at the list and see if anything here appeals to you.

  • Freelance writing. If you enjoy writing and can express your thoughts in a way to which people can relate, you can earn cash for your writing online. You should have excellent English and punctuation skills. If you feel your writing needs a polish, you might like to sign up for a course before you start. Many freelance writers publish blogs with tips for aspiring freelancers. Some also run courses. Some are quite expensive, but many are free. The Udemy website courses which are reasonably priced. They sometimes have sales, where you can pick up training courses for a few pounds. Once you’re confident, set up a website. displaying your skills and try to attract customers.You may prefer to find clients on content writing sites. .The company takes away the headache of finding clients and setting rates. You can also publish your articles on sites like and using Google Ads, can earn from your work.
  • Blog about your travels.You’ll earn from affiliate marketing, pay per click advertisements (Google Adwords) and sponsored posts. Products which relate to your target audience will be interested in advertising with you if you have a well-known blog. You must promote your blog or website through social media and whatever other channels are available to you. That takes time, of course, but once you’re established, it’s all worth the hard work.
  • Niche websites. A businessman who adored coffee set up a coffee blog as a hobby. He wrote a fresh post on the topic every other week, discussing some coffee attribute or sharing a recipe. As coffee lovers became aware of the website, readers were attracted. Then advertisers were attracted. The blog now earns a few hundred pounds a month. No, not enough to live on, but a handy income supplement.
  • Stock photography. If you have a good camera and enjoy taking photographs, you can join a stock photography website and sell your photos online. This would also be a nice income supplement.
  • If you have expertise in a topic, like social media, shopping tips, how to make the most out of a low income or travelling the world, why not write an ebook about it? If you don’t have writing skills, you can hire a writer to do it for you. Once your book is published, you can earn passive income from it. Author Joanna Penn has written some excellent ebooks on how to publish your own books.
  • Teaching online. This is an area which is coming into vogue. I hear it on good authority that there’s a big demand for online English teachers in China. If you have teaching skills and need some more flexibility in your life, this could be the way to go. Online teachers need to have to have the same qualifications as traditional teachers.
  • Sell stuff online. Do you make items which can be sold? Craft items like knitted goods sell very well online. Sites like Etsy enable crafters to sell their wares in a virtual shop
  • Stock/share trading. If you have a little money, you could consider some stock or share trading. While no guarantees can be made, wisely invested money can be a very good source of extra income. You can approach an established company in the field, like CMC markets for expert advice in this area.

Check Them Out

Not all of these methods will suit everyone, but some will suit some, as always. I hope you’ll find something here that will catch your interest.