Rome is one of the most beautiful, unique and culturally-diverse places you can visit in the world. From the magnificent architecture that adorns every street, to the treasure troves of street markets, you’ll find it impossible to be bored. 

With so much to see and do though, you might be a little confused if you’re planning a trip there. Where should you stay? What are the best places to visit? Where can you go for a taste of Italy? That’s why I’ve put together this simple beginner’s guide to Rome; this should help you make those important decisions and ensure you have the best holiday to date.

Where to stay

Given how diverse a place Rome is, there’s something for everyone when it comes to accommodation. For starters, it’s pretty easy to get around the main attractions on foot without too much reliance on public transport, but if there is somewhere in particular you are desperate to visit then factor this into your decision.

Otherwise, you might want to base your choice on budget or the kind of vibe you like. If you prefer the authentic Italian experience and want to live like a local, why not rent an apartment or check into a hearty B&B down one of the cobbled streets in the heart of the city? B&Bs have seen a huge pickup in recent years, and are a great option if your budget is low. If you’d prefer to splash out on a more luxurious hotel though, you’ll find that Rome can cater to your every whim, such as the Hotel Gladiatori-Palazzo Manfredi, which is only meters away from the Colosseum.

What to do

Are you a history buff? A sucker for beautiful buildings? It won’t surprise you to learn that no matter what your passion, you’ll be able to indulge it during your stay in Rome. For those that want to walk through history, you’ll be able to witness the might of the Roman empire with the hundreds of statues and monuments across the city.

Take a trip to the Roman Forum, before heading down to the stunning St Peter’s Basilica. If you want to bask in the cultural scene of Rome, the Sistine Chapel showcases the spectacular artwork of several Renaissance painters. Or why not take in an opera in one of the most beautiful theatres in the world: the Teatro Costanzi. Just make sure you book your tickets in advance via first so that you don’t miss out!

Where to eat

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to eateries in Rome, and you’ll probably be a few pounds heavier at the end of your trip too. There are rustic pizzerias down almost every alleyway, not to mention hundreds of flavours of gelato. For that true Italian experience though, you have to make sure you head to their oldest and most famous street market, Campo dei Fiori. Fresh fish, juicy fruits, ripe vegetables – what more could you want for an Italian picnic?

Are you planning a trip to Rome soon?