Even for those for whom football and I suppose any other sport is merely a passing interest because your partner perhaps loves watching it, there’s something magical about being able to attend a live sporting event. There’s also something magnetic about being in the presence of a professional sports star, but unfortunately that’s not an opportunity many people can truly say they have.

For one, try getting a ticket for an Arsenal FC match that’s only a week or two away…No, try getting a ticket for an Arsenal match that’s two to three months away and you’ll be put on a waiting list!

I mean I understand some football clubs are indeed global brands, so you’re basically competing with people from all over the world for match day tickets.

There are a few ways you can improve your odds of enjoying an up-close-and-personal view of your favourite sports icons though, one of which is only available to those who constantly check out the latest updates in the football scene. People who keep up with the freshest football news know when the most opportune of times are to get those in-demand tickets because this gives them the opportunity to plan well in advance. They know when the league’s fixture list is set to be released for example and so immediately set out to put in requests for tickets to the matches they might want to see as the season moves along and this is when the first-come-first-served operational structure actually comes into play.

Another approach to take is putting in a request to purchase season tickets. Although there are a limited number of these available, the PR collective of most professional sports clubs usually prioritises selling season tickets first. Season ticket holders are viewed as the most loyal of fans, but really it’s all about the money so they’re rather viewed as loyal, paying fans!

My favourite approach to making sure I can catch a close-up view of my favourite in sports stars however is that of booking tickets for their team’s pre-season tours. You get some nice packages sometimes which go beyond just watching the action live from the stands. Some of these all-inclusive packages afford you the opportunity to stay in the same hotel as the players, fly in the same aircraft and even enjoy a meet-and-greet session which also makes for the perfect opportunity to snap selfies and maybe get an autograph or two on your replica jersey.