No trip to Tuscany is complete without taking the time to explore this beautiful country. Unlike other things that don’t seem to live up to the hype, it really is as beautiful as everybody says.

But, what are the best places to go in Tuscany? To give you an idea of what the offer, we’ve done some digging and found some of the best ways to do so and the best route to do to follow while you do.

Get off the beaten path

If you are traveling into Tuscany during the Spring, you can expect to experience mild days and see gently Rolling Hills, and fields filled with beautiful blooms. These are just a few of the reasons why this time of year is a great time to enjoy the small medieval towns and rural areas and Tuscany.

There are a ton of beautiful destinations in this area but we recommend Val D’orcia. This place is located just south of Florence and offers the breathtaking views, majestic estates that inspired the Renaissance painters, and more. Furthermore, all of this has been carefully maintained over the centuries because Val D’orcia is one of Italy’s many destinations listed as one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites.

Visitors will love walking along the ancient streets of towns, taking the time to browse local shops, admiring the ancient architecture, and visiting several of the fine wineries in the area to sample The Delectable vintages to be had. The spring is also a great time to stroll through the gardens or enjoy market fairs or village festivals.

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Enjoy Fine Art to your heart’s content

Virtually everywhere you go in Italy, you can find Fine Art – whether it be in churches, castles, museums, or galleries. As expected, Tuscany is no exception and has a ton of options to be had. One notable destination is the city of Pisa and its famous leaning tower. But that’s not all that can be seen in the area, visitors will also be able to enjoy well-preserved samples from the Renaissance, Gaelic, and Romanesque periods. 

Tuscany is like a fine wine

The best Tuscan vacation is a well-balanced mix of sightseeing and Italian wine appreciation. Take the time to book a tour to enjoy the countryside, visit medieval and Renaissance landmark, and sample some of the best wines in the country.

Carpe Diem

You can always find Adventure in Tuscany and it’s easy to fill the day with all sorts of interesting activities. For example, you can take a day to explore the Tuscan Countryside, or Tuscany’s exciting wine region. Plus, while you are doing all these exciting activities, you can step things up a notch by enjoying the fine vintages in the area while sampling delicious local culinary specialties. Furthermore, this is an excellent opportunity to learn about the area’s Rich culture and history.