Vactions are the perfect time to get away from the real world. It’s a time to relax, explore the world and enjoy life to the absolute fullest.

Whether the ideal vacation is an all exclusive resort in Mexico, island hopping in Greece or exploring the historic areas that Europe has to offer, there are ways to do it for less without having a horrible experience.

You don’t want to gamble with travelling on a budget like you would at Slots Baby on casino slots games online. It is important to ensure everything that is being booked is reliable, safe and won’t provide a terrible experience.

Here are the top ways to book a holiday on a budget.


Flights are the first venture to tackle when organising a vacation and are critical to an enjoyable holiday. Although you may save a large sum of money travelling in the skies and sitting in airports for 40 hours, it would completely take away from the experience and enjoyment.

Our suggestion is to find those trusted budget airlines that will fly to your destination in a reasonable amount of time.


Where you stay will be the key to your relaxing and amazing holiday. You do NOT want to cheap out on where you will be staying.

Don’t become one of the many people that encounter cockroaches in the shower or extreme sickness from drinking the tap water.

Accommodations should involve the most searching time when planning a holiday. Whether you are looking for a resort, hotel, or bed and breakfast, make sure to read the reviews and ask around for recommendations. A great way to save money would be looking into Airbnb. If you have not checked out this service, it offers great private accommodations at very affordable rates.

However, be careful. Peer reviews are your absolute best bet. But beware, do not just look at the first five reviews, make sure you dig deeper and identify any low ratings and read why they provided those one, two or three stars.

Activities & Tours

Although it may seem like a good idea to find the cheaper options for tours and activities, they may not always be the safest.

You don’t want to go see great whites in a rusty old cage and end up like the couple from the movie “Open Water”. Once again, places like Trip Advisor are a great way to identify how other people enjoyed their experiences on tours or activities.

Another thing to be aware of is random tours while walking around a new city. From experience, the free tours are often a great route to go and offer tips on how much you believe the tour was worth. This is a great system and the tour guides do their absolute best to make sure they get their tips.

Holiday’s on a Budget

Make sure if you want to save money on holidays, do as much research as possible, find the best options and book early!

Happy travels.