While the main idea behind backpacking is to travel in the cheapest and most-simple way possible, it would be foolish to overlook essential technology. Just because you’re getting back to basics, that doesn’t mean you should cut yourself off from the world. Indeed, people who backpack are more likely to need the assistance this tech can provide, and so it’s vital you pick up a few gadgets before setting off.

GPS Trackers

If you plan to travel to obscure mountainous regions and engage in trekking, it’s a good idea to purchase a GPS tracker. You should keep the tracking device in your bag, and leave the reader at home with a trusted friend or family member. That way, people can find you if you get lost or go missing.

Satellite Phones

Satellite phones are very expensive to buy. However, they work in some of the most out-of-the-way locations on the planet. For that reason, you should keep one in your bag at all times. Although you’ll only need to use it in an emergency, it’s still wise to have it around as a backup.


There are thousands of travel apps on the market at the moment, and some of them could significantly enhance your experience when backpacking. As the infographic shows, you can source essential information at any time so long as you have a WiFi signal. In fact, you can even find out where the best place to use the toilet might be.

We hope you will now reconsider your decision to cut yourself off from the world when backpacking next year. Sometimes it’s sensible to have a few tech items with you for safety reasons.

Infographic Credit Sports Cover Direct

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