Have you found yourself sat down planning your latest family holiday and had the urge to try something different? You are not alone in your sense of adventure.

As a parent, it is important to make the most of your children while they are young because they will grow up faster than you can imagine. Creating memories is one of the most important things about being a parent, so as not only you but your children will look back on their childhood and smile.

Sometimes it is good to mix things up a bit and veer away from the norm, which is why we have listed family holiday ideas with a difference.


When given the choice of heading towards the beach of sleeping in a tent, the beach would almost always win. Although we all love to lie about in the sun for hours on end, the truth is that camping really is the ideal family holiday.

There are activities aplenty, depending on what type of holiday park you travel to, and it teaches your children valuable skills such as lighting a fire, cooking and, most of all, socialising without the distraction of technology. Of course, it is possible to go camping in 2017 and still have full use of your smartphone and tablet – otherwise known as ‘glamping’ – which takes all of the fun out of the experience.

Nothing brings a family together like getting back to the bare necessities, sitting around a man-made fire and having one and other for company.


There are two ways to approach a caravan holiday – either by investing in a mobile home or static caravan. If you have the former, this opens the door for you to travel pretty much anywhere.

This is a great option for anyone that seeks the freedom of being able to hit the road and go wherever they want. There are numerous caravan holiday parks that welcome families, filled with activities and onsite facilities where you can make the most of your time away.

Caravanning is an ideal and cost-effective solution to enjoying the annual family holiday, while still taking in some of the finer things in life. Check out this site if you have never been on a caravan holiday before, and be sure to make this summer your first.

Volunteering Holiday

Have you ever wanted to make a difference? Have a positive impact on the world? If so, you and your family may enjoy the rewarding experience of a volunteering holiday. With countries such as South Africa, Japan, South Korea and more all offering the experience to take part in amazing projects, this would certainly be a holiday you would never forget.

Voluntary positions include teaching English, helping families and working with animals among others. Although this would be classed as a working holiday, you are still able to take time for yourself and enjoy the amazing sights around you.

We recommend this idea for families with older children, such as teenagers. Introducing them to a different culture stand them in great stead for the future, as well as giving them a greater understanding of some of the privileges that they may have taken for granted beforehand.

Touring Holiday

What is the difference between being a regular tourist and actually booking yourself on a touring holiday? The main difference is that, on a touring holiday, most of the days are already planned out for you by tour guides who ensure that you experience everything there is to offer.

Popular destinations for touring holidays include Thailand and other areas of Asia. You will stay in your group for much of the time, giving you the opportunity to get to know other travellers from different countries as you explore and learn.

Although the rigid itinerary of these holidays is not for everyone, you come away with a rewarding experience and left with none of the regrets of missing out on anything. Tour guides will be on hand to answer any questions at any time of day, ensuring that you are enjoying your time in their country.

This is just a snapshot of some different family holiday ideas that may or may not be for you. Part of the adventure is trying now experience which, when it is all said and done, can create some of the best memories that will last a lifetime.