So many people, in so many different types of situations, at so many different times in their lives, tip their heads backward, look up into the sky and say, ‘I just wish I could get away from it all.” This is where the primal need for travel comes into the human psyche, and it’s something to be embraced and acted upon, rather than just wished for.

So five reasons to get away from it all that you may run into at some point in your life would include recovering from addiction, trying to rescue a marriage, attempting to reinvigorate your desire to work at your job, to create team-building opportunities within your company, or perhaps you just need a solo journey to reset your mind, body, and soul.

Recovering From Addiction

Anyone who has ever dealt with addiction knows that environment is a key consideration. It’s impossible to relax and get away from the elements that allow your condition to continue. So one way to use travel to your advantage is to head to a rehab clinic far away from your stresses, and simply learn to breathe. That simple act, done at the end of a physical journey, may be the final step that you need to break the cycle you’re stuck in.

Rescuing a Marriage

After the in love stage, and the honeymoon stage, and the organizational stage – what happens in a marriage? Nature dictates that things stagnate. And sometimes a journey with your loved one is what it takes to get the emotions flowing again. Take a couples cruise. Head out on an airplane to an exotic destination. Go somewhere on your bucket list. Save up some money, and do something that shows your spouse that you care enough to spend the money on traveling.

Reinvigorating the Desire To Work

How much do you know about job burnout? Have you ever looked it up? Are you aware that you’re probably suffering from it right now? And the cure? Take a hike somewhere! And the farther away, the better. Go out into the world, see the sights, hear the sounds, smell the odors of the earth. When you come back, you’ll be ready to hit your job again with a renewed vigor.

Creating Team-Building Opportunities

If it seems like your work team as a whole is suffering from some lethargy, then travel may be the solution as well. There are all kinds of different exciting team-building retreats that you can take your co-workers on to inject some energy into what may be lagging performance overall.

Going On a Solo Journey

And sometimes you don’t want excitement, or connection, but rather just need to take some peaceful time to yourself. That may be impossible to do at your home base, so it might make sense to head out on a solo trip just to recharge your batteries.