When I give tours of the U.S., I always tell the group that the most important thing that they will get to do is to Go Find Yourself by Traveling. I love to give this talk because it’s so simple and yet so many people completely miss out on the fun. The first step in giving the gift of travel is to Select Post. When you Select Post, you give the gift of traveling.

There are many other ways to give the gift of traveling, but when you Select Post you give the gift of religion. The only way that anyone can travel is by traveling to a place of worship. When you choose a religious site, you give the gift of religion. In fact, religion in the U.S. is usually not practiced exactly like it is in other countries. Most of the younger people who practice a religion might not actually go to a church on Sunday morning. They may opt to visit different historical places as part of religious tours. This is the way they might prefer to believe in God, but they are still following the faith.

So, what if someone went to a religious site just for the views and philosophy? Wouldn’t that be pretty powerful? The person that gave the gift of travel could also give a gift of philosophy. For example, let’s say a person goes to Select Post to see how a Buddhist monk is able to meditate while riding an elephant.

Now let’s say that a Buddhist monk was riding an elephant that was brand new. That is pretty lame, isn’t it? Still, let’s assume that the monk was not a Buddhist monk. Then what would Select Post have to offer? If the reader chooses to go to Sam Sneads, he/she is giving a gift of travel.

Select Post also offers a membership for non-religious folks. A religious person who is not a member of a religion could join and become a member- give the gift of membership to Select Post. The only time this would not be considered a gifting is if the reader joins as a non-member. In that case, the reader would give a membership to Select Post and then become a member- give the gift of membership to a site that he/she is already a member at.

There is no doubt that NCAA football and basketball players are not brand names that people automatically associate with. However, this is not really an excuse not to give gifts. There are several choices for the traveler, whether or not it is for a college student athlete or just someone who likes to go places. As long as you pick a good, relevant gift, anyone can select from a wide variety of gifts. You can even send them a thank you note explaining why you are sending the gift in the first place.