Part of the process of developing and improving home security systems and services requires the home security companies catering to these markets to consistently conduct research on the methods used by burglars, their thinking patterns and the statistics surrounding home security and related burglary crimes.

Since burglars do indeed get more and more sophisticated with some of the tools and even technology available to them, the home security industry has to keep on evolving and improving itself in order to try and minimise home burglaries. In the case of a large house, home security technology may not be sufficient to ensure the security of your house. This situation generally calls for the hiring of security personnel from guards on call of waco tx (or any other local firm) to robust your home’s safety.

It’s a continuous cycle of making improvements and developing new technologies which aim to deter potential burglars first, and secondly delay and prevent those burglars who’ve broken through the first layer of home security, which is the psychological defence mechanism. To protect your home from a potential burglary, you may need to install large and strong fences. Also, you may want to consider various creative ideas before buying a new fence, which could enhance the aesthetics of your garden as well as provide security.

All that said, in many developed countries, the total number of home burglaries is falling, coming down by 71% over the last 21 years (since 1995) and down by 31% since late 2005 into 2006. Look, 71% is a colossal decrease over 21 years and 31% is just as impressive over a period of the last decade, which are some numbers that do indeed indicate we’re headed in the right direction by way of home security.

As impressive as these numbers are, does that make you feel safe in your own home? The burglary numbers may be steadily falling, but there are still a lot of burglaries taking place and if you take a closer look at the current statistics, it’ll only make you wonder just how many burglaries there were 10 and 20 years ago. Therefore, it is essential to ensure the safety and security of the family members. You might install a Gate Entry system to access control gates and monitor the house’s safety. This device keeps you updated with the visitors and sends request notifications to open the doors. Without your access, no one can enter your house.

Numbers coming out of the Office for National Statistics report no less than 400,361 burglaries which were reported to the police, all of which took place over the period covering April 2015 through March 2016. To put this into perspective, this means that there were 7 offences per 1,000 people, the effects of which probably still don’t make too much of an impact until we further break this statistic down, taking into consideration its relationship with the time factor.

This simply means 1,920 burglaries take place per day, which is 80 burglaries per hour, which in turn is just over one (1.33) burglary per minute!

It makes for some shocking reading when put into perspective like this, doesn’t it? But while you spare a thought for those homeowners who were at a greater risk of their homes being burgled over the past 10-20 years, you can perhaps take a bit of refuge in the fact that specialist ironmongery outlets such as Ironmongery Direct source and stock products which are designed and built with home security in mind. Whether it’s door closers, cabinet hardware, locks and other security items, hinges, etc., all of these household products used for home security amongst other things are built tough to act as that much-needed physical barrier or physical challenge to deter burglars and slow them down considerably.

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