Whether you have only been together a few months and are choosing to go on holiday for the first time or you have been in a long-term relationship and simply want to get away from it all together, then you will be looking to plan a holiday that is romantic and captivating. Many people may first think of Paris when it comes to romance but, while the city is classic, you will want something unique, beautiful, and adventurous so that you can make your own memories rather than buying into gimmicky notions of romance.

To this end, a wonderful destination you should consider is the gorgeous country of Portugal. With its stunning surroundings, gentle coastline, and enviable sunny weather, you will be hard pushed to find a better place to have your couples’ holiday. In this article, you will learn some of the best things about choosing Portugal and how to turn up the romance when you land in paradise.

A luxury location

The first thing you will want to think about is where you are going to stay in Portugal as you don’t want your romantic getaway to be set in a low-budget hotel, where you are all cramped up together. One option worth considering that will fit these criteria is a villa. Villas in Portugal can offer couples privacy and intimacy as you won’t be sharing paper thin walls with other guests like you would be in a hotel.

Another bonus of villas is that they almost always come with a stunning view that can plunge you into the culture and surrounds you with serene, picturesque landscapes. While you will want to be going out many of the nights you are on holiday, staying in a villa means you can cook and prepare some of your own meals if you just want a chilled-out day by our very own pool, giving you lots of flexibility for planning things to do.

So many things to see

When you do want to leave the luxury of your villa you will find that there are so many stunning places to visit on holiday in Portugal that you will simply have to make plans to see so that you don’t miss out. One such place is Braga, which is filled with stunning architecture and history like the Bom Jesus do Monte, which consists of a beautiful church and the famous Baroque stairway that climbs one hundred and sixteen metres high. The site is of high significance as it has been a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of years

Another stunning place to visit that may well be perfect for a special date night, is the town of Porto. Porto is a popular destination because it is filled with character from its quaint, cobbled streets, delicious and fresh seafood restaurants for you to eat at, and, if you hadn’t already guessed is the home of port. This is the perfect excursion to go on for a classic date night while also plunging yourself into the culture and customs of Portugal.

Turning up the romance

Of course, you can’t rely only on the surrounding to make a trip romantic but rather see them as the perfect backdrop for you to be the finest gentlemen or lady for your other half. There are easy things that you can do to how to make things romantic so you get the holiday off on good footing. Firstly, turn off your technology. At home, with work and responsibilities, it may be routine that you sit in front of the television in the evening. While there is nothing wrong with this, going on holiday is a chance to break the routine and try new things, which you simply cannot do if you’re always hidden behind your phone screen. For instance, when in Portugal, you can opt for kitesurfing sessions in places like Moledo beach or Obidos lagoon. Such sports can be adrenaline spiking and one can even opt for surfing classes if they are beginners in the sport. There might be a few institutions like the Kitesurf Schule Portugal or similar water sport training organizations nearby that can help them learn to kitesurf. That said, you can try only using your phone and the internet to make such plans and arrangements to go out and have a ball and, once you’ve done that, keep it firmly in your pocket.

Another thing you can do to make things more romantic and break from routine is to become childish and have a laugh. While this may sound initially strange, being able to kick back and relax, not having to worry about bills and deadlines for a few days or week, will send the sparks flying and let you both get on with having the romantic break you were dreaming of.