Needless-to-say, having a grounding in a few key words or sentences makes life a lot easier when you’re travelling. Not only does knowing a little of the language help you to communicate your needs, it also suggests to the locals that you respect their culture and can, ultimately, go a long way in breaking down barriers with people of different nationalities.

But the best way to learn a language isn’t in a classroom, or via online learning courses, or even by listening to language CDs. Yes, these are all valuable learning experiences and forums, but not the very best way – and by best I mean the quickest and most effective means – of learning a language.

Because the best way to learn a language is to live it.

Language Schools

Beautiful La Sagrada Familia

Beautiful La Sagrada Familia

Language schools offer a unique learning experience, and one that allows you to fully immerse yourself not just in the language you are learning, but in the culture of its speakers as well. They’re great because you get the classroom experience with your fellow language learners, but also, being based in a country that speaks the language you’re learning, offer the opportunity to try out what you’re learning in real life situations; at markets, in cafes and restaurants, shops and supermarkets, and so on.

By choosing to learn within a language school you’ll be in a small group with others also looking to throw themselves into a new culture. This is a great way to make new friends in a new country!

Why Sprachdirekt?

With Sprachdirekt it’s possible to learn French, Italian or Spanish in a number of incredible locations across the globe! Imagine learning French in the country’s culture-rich capital, or Italian a stone-throw away from the Colosseum and Vatican City. Opt for Spanish and you’re given the choice of schools dotted around Spain as well as ones in Mexico, Costa Rica and Argentina, providing a real opportunity for adventure as well as learning.

One of the most iconic images in the world.

One of the most iconic images in the world.

Whatever language and location you want you’ll have a choice of accommodation options, ranging from homestays with local families to shared apartments to a private room in a hotel, meaning you can really tailor your experience to suit your own needs and whatever you’re comfortable with.

The Best Thing About Sprachdirekt!

One thing that Sprachdirekt offers that will really contribute to making your leaning experience fabulous is the range of “extra-curricular” activities they provide and encourage language students to make the most of. Out-of-the-classroom learning experiences can actually be the most valuable when learning a new language as they provide opportunity to test your new skills in genuine settings. And, of course, they add to the fun factor!


Take advantage of cooking classes, dance classes, sightseeing trips, film nights and bar-hopping excursions (well, it’s all in the name of learning!) for a chance to fully throw yourself into a new language as well as to get maximum enjoyment out of your learning experience!