Travelling is fun and exciting but at times it can become stressful and mundane, especially if you do not prepare and pack the essentials to make your travels hassle-free. It is important to pack wisely, especially if you’re going to be on the road for a while. The last thing you want is to be carrying around lots of luggage so ensure you pack as little as possible whilst remembering all the necessities.

Of course there are travel essentials that go without saying when travelling such as your passport, travel documents, money, clothes and toiletries. Below are 3 travel essentials that will help keep you entertained and relaxed on your next holiday of a lifetime.

Tablet with headphones

You will probably spend a lot of time sat on a plane, bus or train when moving from place to place on your travels. This can easily become tedious, especially if there is no one to talk to and nothing exciting to see out the window. Taking your tablet with headphones with you will become a lifesaver when you have a 5-hour bus journey ahead of you. Put your headphones in and escape reality for a few hours. Whether you want to listen to music, watch a film or play games, the fun is endless with a tablet. Once you get Wi-Fi at your hotel or at an Internet cafe, you can download more entertainment and new games to play from sites such as slot machines and casino games on Wizard slots, one of the biggest UK Casinos Online(you might even win some money to help towards your travels).

Make sure you bring your tablet charger and adapter for the country you will be visiting so you don’t run out of charge mid way through a long-haul journey.


If you aren’t travelling with just one rug sack and have some extra room in your case then you should definitely think of taking your own book. A real book is an old classic that comes in very handy to keep people entertained when travelling. It wins every time over electronics as the book will never die or run out of battery. This means there is constant entertainment to be had from your favourite book and once you’ve read the book, why not read it again and see if you missed any little parts of the story.

A taste of home

If you’re planning on travelling for a couple of months or even longer, you’re going to miss home at some point. Homesickness can be hard so why not take a taste of home with you. This should be something small that you can easily pack to give you a little ‘pick me up’ when you’re feeling a bit home sick. Think of your favourite treat, snack or smell. You could take your favourite tea bags, jar of marmite (love it or hate it?) or sweets.

Once you remember all the travel essentials for your next trip, you can (hopefully) have a stress free time travelling to your favourite places and take in all that this beautiful world has to offer.