Beach breaks can certainly be nice, but more and more people are discovering the benefits of booking city breaks instead. Here are just a few good reasons why you should think about doing the same. 

Say Goodbye to Jetlag 

Most beach holidays entail a relatively long plane journey. That doesn’t just mean arriving feeling stiff and tired – it also means getting back with a bad case of jetlag. If you need to get to work the next day, that can be an absolute killer. Most city breaks can be done in the UK to beat jetlag. 

Better Cultural Experience 

When you take a beach break, you’ll almost always find yourself in a hotel. Even if the hotel is nice, it won’t provide any taste of local culture – unless you take a bus into town, you could be in any part of the world with a nice stretch of sand. When you book a city break, you can stay in a serviced apartment in the middle of town and get a better feel for local culture

Less Expensive 

You’re almost always going to save money by taking a city break instead of a beach break. Beachfront hotels tend to cost a hefty sum, and you’ll also find yourself having to visit restaurants to eat each day. Expensive tours are common, and then you have the price of your flight to consider. City breaks don’t usually require an expensive flight, and accommodation is usually more reasonable. Better yet, you should find plenty of activities that are either free or very cheap. 

Less Hassle 

Finally, city breaks are generally a lot less hassle. Since you can visit plenty of great cities without even leaving the country, you won’t need to worry about arranging taxis or train journeys to and from the airport, filling out visas, changing your money, or picking up some of the local lingo.