Holidays are a special moment that allow travellers to go out into the world and have some  adventure. No matter who where you’re going or for how long, holidays are always a great way to spend time with your loved one, enjoy privacy and time away from the everyday routine. It is definitely important to take time some time for yourself as a couple, and what better way could there be than going on a romantic getaway? On this note, one of the most romantic, yet also adventurous getaway destinations is Taormina, in Sicily. Surrounded by the beautiful sea, immersed in the Italian culture, and home to wonderful sightseeing opportunities, Taormina should definitely be at the top of your list for your next destination.

Taormina is located in Sicily, one of Italy’s two main islands. Home to some of the most delicious dishes that characterize the Italian cuisine, Sicily is a beloved destination for many. Not to mention, it boasts some of the best weather in Italy year-round. What makes the southern region even more special is the contrast in its landscapes. The views vary from mountains, to blue waters, and to the picturesque towns you encounter along your way. As far as the landscapes go, another bonus is the amazing accommodations you can choose among: in fact, in Sicily there are many luxury villas available to rent, even for short periods of time. This is quite typical in Italy in general, as locals rent out their second homes to travellers and vacationers. The benefits of choosing to stay in a private home are many, like enjoying your own privacy, having plenty of space around you and taking in the Italian culture 100%.

Taormina offers many different activities to keep you busy and caters to different preferences as well. Some activities to get you and your partner started involve different sightseeing opportunities, as well as peaceful strolls in the narrow cobble-stoned streets of the centro storico. To start off the Teatro Greco is one of the most visited places in Taormina, and will allow you to delve back into the 3rd century BC. Later, make sure to gaze out at Isola Bella, a picture perfect little island that sits off the coast of Lido Mazzaro. Both the Greek theatre and the island are awesome photo opportunities, so definitely remember to pack your camera! For the more adventurous and active couples, there is also the possibility of hiking up the Etna volcano, definitely a unique activity for you and your partner to try. In fact, not only will you be climbing up, but you will get to experience the breathtaking view from atop as well, which is quite the sight.

And speaking of Etna, did you know that there is also a wine produced directly on the Sicilian volcano? In fact, not only can you hike up the volcano, but you can also try the delicious wine selections. Give the delicious wine produced directly on the Sicilian volcano Etna a try, it is of great company as you enjoy your romantic dinners. And of course all of these activities will probably work up your appetite… Luckily, the food is spectacular and offers a great assortment of dishes to choose from- perfect for trying something new every meal.

What’s more is that Sicily is also great with the street food options. In fact, you will most likely be hearing the word “arancino” often, and in case you aren’t familiar with the scrumptious fried rice ball, you will have the chance of tasting it firsthand as you’re walking around. Are you more of a sweet tooth? No worries, I’m sure that the world renowned “cannoli” will satisfy your desire to snack on something sweet while enjoying the Sicilian vibes!