Your honeymoon is supposed to be one of the most romantic and special trips you take in your life. Because of this, it is absolutely essential that you pick the right kind of accommodation. The most popular option is to book yourself into a hotels honeymoon suite, but are you really thinking of all the possible options?

Serviced apartments are often overlooked but here are three reasons why you may prefer them to the go-to honeymoon suite.

  1. You won’t need to spend as much

Honeymoon suites can cost you an incredible amount. This is because a hotel only has one room at this standard, so they can charge you more and get away with it. You  can get a serviced apartments for the same if not less than what they’ll be charging and get more from your honeymoon accommodation.

  1. More Romance!

The honeymoon suite can often be underwhelming, leaving couples disappointed with the standard of their room. The honeymoon suite is usually just larger than the other rooms and the materials used will seem more luxurious.

This is in contrast to serviced apartments which are surprisingly romantic. It is not uncommon for serviced apartments to be converted from period properties, meaning that they have gorgeous and romantic features you would expect from a gorgeous home.

  1. You won’t even need to leave the room

In a hotel, if you want to do something relatively interesting or to get some food you’ll have to go to the communal areas or hotel restaurants. This can be the opposite of relaxing and can put a downer on your honeymoon.

A serviced apartment is kitted out with all the comforts from home including a living room and latest technology and you can request your apartment to be cleaned at a time that suits you to avoid encounters with room service