People who travel a lot tend to have a lot of the same characteristics.  The experience of traveling to new locations and being on the go creates a certain “traveler” personality and spirit that is unique to the adventurer.

By opening their mind to new experiences and stepping outside of their comfort zone they have consequently become addicted to the thrill that comes along with travel.  Here are some of the most telltale signs that someone travels a lot.

They Are Always Looking For Travel Deals

You know that friend of yours whose phone is always beeping, dinging, vibrating, and any other sort of alert that you can think of?  The traveler’s phone is making these noises because they have signed up for travel deal alerts on 5 different websites obsessed with planning their next big adventure.

The traveler never knows when the next great travel deal will come along and if they see a great one they aren’t afraid to buy it on a whim and go on a journey at the drop of a hat.

They Pack Lightly

Packing heavily is something that the experienced traveler knows is a mistake.  By lugging around a huge bag you put yourself at risk for missing connections or overtiring yourself when you have to go up stairs or walk long distances.  You also have to account for the extra time that you will be waiting for your checked luggage to arrive on the carousel.

Instead, they pack a bag which they can transport easily on their back from place to place and carry on the airport cabin.

They Are “Worldly”

People who experience a variety of cultures are open to many different kinds of people and have a higher tolerance for people who are different than them.

They are more aware of the differences between them and other people and therefore are not shocked when they come across them.  This gives them a more “worldly” viewpoint.

They Are Less Shy With Strangers

Chatting up a conversation with a complete stranger is something that a well traveled person doesn’t fear since they are used to having to ask for directions or meet new people in a strange land.

If you have ever struggled with shyness you may want to consider traveling more! You would be surprised at how much it fixes shyness in no time since you have no other option than to be brave when on the road and need help.

They Know Their Geography

The well-traveled person almost always knows where a country is on a map and can usually name the capitals of these places as well without a problem.