When you are planning a wedding or any large family gathering getting everyone where they need to be in an orderly fashion is key to running a good day. But what type of accommodation should you offer for your nearest and dearest?

A serviced apartment could be a fantastic way to ensure all of your relatives are comfortable and well looked after. The growing industry of ‘wedding tourism’ means finding the right accommodation in the right location is becoming increasingly important.

Benefits of a Serviced Apartment 

Serviced apartments offer numerous benefits to the user ranging from increased convenience to more flexible accommodation. Having a fully equipped kitchen gives you the chance to prepare your own food and stops you from relying on hotel service.

This could be the perfect option if you are looking to cater to those with specific dietary requirements. The ‘serviced’ element of these apartments’ means that you can enjoy some hotel styled services like general housekeeping.

This will stop you and your relatives from having to tidy or spend time taking care of the house and more time preparing for the wedding. 

Weddings in Bristol 

Bristol is a beautiful city located in the heart of the English South West. This city could be the perfect setting for your wedding and you are not short of options on the venue when it comes to Bristol.

Whether you are looking for a traditional wedding or something a bit different venues like the Bristol Harbour Hotel or Bristol golf club will provide excellent services. A series well placed serviced apartment will provide great accommodation for your family.

Find the Right Serviced Apartment for You

If you are looking to get married in a city like Bristol then finding the right serviced apartment will help you put your mind at ease knowing your relatives are well looked after. Urban Creation offers a wide range of serviced apartments in Clifton and other areas of Bristol. Book yours today to avoid missing out on the best accommodation for your wedding.