Hen parties are very much the best event of any wedding for all the bridesmaids and the bride as well. It is the best time a girl gets to spend with her best friends before entering the lifelong bond of marriage. The bride and her best friends, all have had their dreams and desires for this very event. Everyone’s excitement makes it even more memorable and adorable. A hen party is pretty much about the bride and her likes and dislikes but it is her best friend who is in charge of all the arrangements so that all the demands of her girls are catered to.

It is not necessary that a hen party is organized a couple of nights before the wedding day. Not always do the girls explore the cities around them in order to have a great destination for their hen do. Going abroad for a hen do was earlier considered a grand, but an expensive affair. But now, with the right kind of planning it is possible for you as well to go for a fabulous hen party with all your friends without burning a hole in your pocket.

Start the planning ASAP

Just the idea of an abroad hen party must fill you with unparalleled excitement and this alone must push you to begin with the planning of the part at the earliest. Once you begin brainstorming bachelorette ideas for the event, you realise what all will be the requirements, what needs to be done first, and where you will require input from others as well. When you start planning, it is then you realise whether the idea is feasible at all or not.

Choosing the destination

This point will obviously be at the beginning since it is the most crucial of all. Sit down with your best friend and talk to her about the probable Hen party destinations that she has in mind keeping in mind the budget. As soon as you will be able to decide the destination, you will be able to understand how much will be the overall expenditure and what all activities you will be able to do. Now with the destination sorted, you can look forward for other arrangements.

Deciding the guest list

The guest list of a hen party is a very important affair to be decided upon. You never want anyone with whom the bride doesn’t go along with well, be a part of the party. You also can not take the risk of the secrets that have been spoken about in the party to go out anywhere. Also, no calling the utterly graceful mom-in-law. She would be scandalized, you see! Once you decide upon your esteemed guest list, you may go ahead with all the reservations and bookings needed.

Do the bookings beforehand

After all the decisions regarding the place and the people is taken, it is time for making all the reservations and bookings. The sooner you make the bookings, the more you save in the bills. The extra money can be used in doing extra fun! Do extensive research before giving any confirmation regarding the bookings. The more you compare, the better deal you get.

Do the money talks before

Money matters are important discussions and must be done clearly. Since it is a hen party trip where you have to go abroad, the expenditures will be a bit higher. Being the organiser, you must clearly discuss the budget details with everyone and be assured if everyone is satisfied with their share of the bill or not. Any confusion in this case will lead to a chaos later which might hamper the fun. You surely would not want to do that to your bride to be friend!

Plan the activities before

Sit with your girlies and ask them what all they want to do on the trip. Decide upon all the activities they want to try, all the places they want to explore. It always seems that you could have done more during the day but it is better to plan the day well along with ample time to rest. Flexibility should be necessary in the plans and everyone’s comfort and enjoyment must be assured.


A hen party does not always have to be in the confinements of a house or amidst loud music and beer mugs. Go out and explore the world before your best girl begins to explore a new phase of her life. Make it the best time of her life with her best girls!