Well, we’re off again! The weather is starting to warm up a bit, and we like hitting some new place to travel to and discover for ourselves before the middle of summer which is when the tourists are really out in droves. It’s not that we are loners or suffer from enochlophobia (that’s a fear of crowds, lots of people), it’s just that you get a better and far cheaper holiday when you’re not competing for services. Also, as soon as summer has officially started, I’m sure that all pricing signs on flights, accommodation and adventure tours automatically change to at least 30% higher!

We’ve done a fair bit of Europe already, but there are still a few places we have on our bucket list, like Romania and the lower part of Croatia. After a wet, wet winter in the UK, we weren’t tired of water, but we had an inkling for the salty type, such as an ocean, a sea, bay, maybe an island. Not an island in SE Asia either, this time. Somehow, during all our European travels we had missed Sardinia. Finding it was the result of an app we had on our iphone about great holiday islands. Funnily enough, we had thought of Sardinia as another country rather than a beautiful island on which to have a holiday.

We had considered popping along to some UK developers and going through a few app ideas we have thought about during our travels, but coming up with something original is not all that easy. Has everything been thought of? Well, probably not, and many apps haven’t been thought out to the nth degree. They leave a bit of info out or if they had thought the idea through it would be perfect. To get a complete app you might consider i-developers.co.uk, who seem to have a good reputation working on Apple products and androids.

Anyway, Sardinia it is. There is an app on iTunes called Ismerelda which is a particular beach on Sardinia that has its own app. Awesome! That’s what got us thinking about the island, which belongs to Italy, by the way, as a place to take a holiday. If a picture could speak a thousand words, then the photos of the beaches there were definitely talking to us. Come to me! Crazy flight prices from Ryanair and the bookings were made. Again, you can just about run your life from apps. Surely an app development cost isn’t so expensive if we could virtually not move from the sofa and have all aspects of an island holiday organised.

Accommodation, flights, some package tour adventures, transport around the island, the best places to eat, the five best things to do on Sardinia, the cheapest place for drinks, the hottest night spots, and the most romantic beaches were all done and dusted, and all we had was the iPad! How did they do this sort of thing 50 years ago?