Going on holiday with your kids can be great, but there’s obviously potential for problems when the little ones come along. To make your trip as pleasant as possible, you should really consider booking a serviced apartment instead of a hotel room, and here are just a few compelling reasons why.

Access to a Kitchen

A serviced apartment will have its own fully-fitted kitchen, and that really helps out when you’re travelling with children. For starters, being able to make your own food lets you save money, something that’s always going to be attractive for families. You’ll also enjoy being able to make more kid-friendly meals, avoiding any disliked ingredients or items that might provoke an allergic reaction. Finally, keep in mind that your kids might be too tired out after a day of tourism to really fancy going out to eat.

Familiar Environment

Some children, especially younger ones, find being away from home quite disturbing. After all, they’re suddenly away from everything they know. As such, it’s a good idea to make your accommodation as homely as possible, and a serviced apartment fits the bill. Even if your kids are fine being away from home, they’ll enjoy having access to all the home comforts of a serviced apartment.

Added Space

After a long day exploring the best a city has to offer, most adults are happy to kick back with a book or watch TV. But kids like having a little space to play, and most hotels are sorely wanting in this regard. Of course, you can always add a little space by booking two connecting rooms, but that’s quite expensive and inconvenient. A serviced apartment provides perfect family-friendly space.

Increased Security

Hotels typically spend thousands on their security systems, but they just can’t come close to matching the peace of mind guests enjoy in a serviced apartment. The property itself should offer CCTV and secure access, but the best thing about them from a security point of view is that it’s very hard for your kids to get lost.