Part of the western Cyclades, Sifnos island has a very distinctive character that could put in a few simple words: elegance, authenticity, tradition. For anyone interested in the real Cyclades, untainted from massive tourism but offering high quality services, Sifnos is definitely the answer.

Beaches are beautiful and accessible. You have plenty to choose from, all with picturesque cafés and tavernas by the seaside. Once you arrive in Sifnos you quickly understand that food is important here. The famous Greek chef Tselementes was born here and food is taken very seriously all over the island. You will have the opportunity to taste the traditional dishes, like the famous chickpea soup, the chickpea balls with seventeen local herbs or the mastelo, meat cooked in a ceramic utensil. But you will also get to experience the new gastronomic scene that young chefs are staging on the island using local, organic, fresh produce. Platys Gialos, one of the most popular beaches, is bustling with exciting restaurants like Omega 3 and Maiolica.

It may come as a surprise but Sifnos is a paradise for hiking fans. With a well organised and professionally way-market network of paths, you can practically discover the island by walking. It may be a bit challenging during summer time but not impossible. Equipped with lots of fresh water and fruit, aim for a beach as your final destination and reward yourself with a refreshing dip in crystal clear blue waters. We will give you a tip: Fykiada beach!

Many of the paths will lead you to one of the 235 churches on the island. These whitewashed buildings of typical Cycladic architecture come to life once every year when a “panigiri is organised. A “panigiri” is an experience one should not miss in Greece – a special blending of a religious and social event. When you arrive in Sifnos or any other Greek island, ask if a “panigiri” is coming up. You will not regret it!

Although the island offers some accommodation options that reflect its style and understated elegance, you might consider exploring Sifnos and the surrounding islands aboard a luxurious charter catamaran. Milos with its unique volcanic terrain, Serifos with one of the most beautiful Chora (capital town) in the Cyclades and Antiparos, a well kept secret of the Aegean for many years, will complete your itinerary in the best possible way. Sailing holidays in Greece is something we all fantasize about from time to time. In reality it is not really so hard or so expensive to do. Check out Vernicos Yachts for various options for yacht chartering in Greece.

Are you ready to forego the usual suspects like Mykonos or Santorini or Paros in order to explore a part of the Aegean that is less crowded and less obvious? Start planning your holidays in Sifnos!