During your routine yearly holiday getaway planning research, you may have come across some very intriguing proposals surrounding Indonesia as the destination of choice, particularly during the months of May to October.

The Indonesian period running from May to October is indeed the dry season of the destination, very popular among surfers who religiously congregate from all over the world to markedly improve their chances of catching the perfect wave.

While Indonesia is indeed one of the best surfing destinations in the world, the country’s top attractions in the form of Java, Sumatra, Nusa Tenggara and Bali offer much more than just surfing, with the prospect of following up on that ‘cheap boat for sale offer’ not sounding too bad after all. In fact, some boat sales in the area are dominated by holidaymakers, both local and international, who generally enjoy surfing as part of an overall beach-side lifestyle as there is so much more to see if one has permanent access to a boat.

Since one can quite easily find a cheap boat for sale, some of the more serious surfers even go as far as investing in a boat and this investment completes its double life in the form of getting listed for chartering services as well as allowing the surfers the privilege of catching the perfect wave. The Southern Ocean is a particular hotspot for that perfect swell, caused by the south easterly trade winds which are remarkably consistent, but the best way to catch that swell at its peak is by boat.

With Java, situated just north of Bali, also playing host to a consistent freak-wave, together with Nusa Tenggara’s collection of perfect surfing spots and Indonesia’s overall paradise-like surfing scene, it is no wonder boat sales are booming in the region, complementing one of the best surfing destinations in the entire world.

The cost of living overall is generally cheap in Indonesia, by any stretch of the imagination. Visitors from far and wide grow to love the Indonesian way of life, with most of them naturally sticking to those areas which are most popular with tourists.

Many surfers who flock to this part of the world for some the best waves around fall so deeply in love with it that they make it somewhat of a permanent home. There are different ways of doing this, of course, one of which is doing a periodic visa run to neighbouring countries and others in the S.E. Asian region, with the likes of Thailand making for a firm favourite.

Here’s something else that might shock you, but in a rather pleasant way. Many who identify as surfers turn digital nomad when it’s not peak surfing season, making use of anything from the next £10 no deposit bonus on online casinos to hours spent in co-working spaces to ensure they make enough money to sustain their very affordable lifestyles in Indonesia.

It’s generally an easy-going life for anyone who seeks to slow down the pace a bit and enjoy life more, but even more so for those who live by the surfer lifestyle.