Traveling and seeing the world is a dream for many people, and even those who pursue the dream soon realize that modern living is not always conducive to an adventurous lifestyle. Fortunately for the avid explorer, there are ways to rearrange your life, allowing your adventurous dreams to fit more seamlessly alongside everyday commitments. Here are some tips on how to live for easier travel.

Home Sweet Home

Having a nice home, a garage, and a big yard is a dream for many people. For anyone who wants to travel, however, this dream needs to go. Well, it doesn’t have to go completely, but those things all require commitment and maintenance. An apartment on the other hand, or even a smaller rental home, comes with minimal upkeep requirements. Simply finding coverage with renters insurance and having a friend pop by once a week is all you need for peace of mind. This means having less to worry while you’re away.

Pet Prohibition

This is one is tough for some people. We all love to have a furry companion and a best friend to comfort us and share our lives and homes with. Unfortunately, pets can also make travel a logistical nightmare. Pet owners have to find someone to feed their cats, walk their dogs, and bathe their gerbils. Ok, maybe not that last one, but leaving pets behind comes with a lot of stress and money, and makes last-minute travel all but impossible.

Work To Live

This goes without saying, but if you can’t take time off of work, you won’t be traveling far. There’s not always a lot you can do about this one immediately, but if travel is important, finding a job that supports time away is key. Look for employers that support employee leave; they are out there. Better yet, find a remote job you can do from anywhere in the world.

Make Transport Easy

Access to transport links is obviously important to any traveler. For most Americans, this means an international airport. Elsewhere in the world, a train station is good too. This should be a priority in looking for cities to live in. Air travel already requires a lot of time; getting to the airport early, checking in, getting through security, and then waiting for your luggage when you arrive. Having a major airport just up the road saves considerably on this one.

Staying In Contact

If you head out of the country frequently you will probably want to keep in touch with friends and family. You may also need to stay in contact with your job. Find a phone plan that allows for this. Most carriers have options that can be added on in a matter of minutes, or, if you are thinking more long-term, get a monthly plan that includes international coverage. A generous data, in particular, is vital.

Pack Like You Mean It

Learn how to pack efficiently, with less but more versatile clothes. Overpacking means you will be hauling a giant suitcase all over the world, sitting around hotel rooms deciding what to wear. Ditch the big wardrobe and only bring the essentials. Clothes that are adaptable and easy to pack should be prioritized over clothes which simply serve the purpose of looking cool.

Get Global Entry

This is a great time saver. After an initial investment, including a one-time fee and background check, you can skip that security line at the airport. It saves enormously on time and stress, and makes air travel seem less troublesome than it needs to be.