Are you a frequent traveller? Have you been looking for an appropriate SIM-only deal that will suit your needs? Well, here are the top five SIM-only deals in the UK that you can select from.

EE’s £8 Everything Pack 

EE is a unique provider which offers users a choice of three international SIMs to use with their mobile phones. Of the three SIMs, cheapest is loaded with 100 minutes, 200 text messages and a whopping 500MB of data. You can use the credit on both national and international calls from as little as 1p per minute while sending a text message will cost you 10p.

You can use the international rates destination checker on EE’s website to ascertain how much you have been charged which makes it more flexible. You can make calls to over 60 countries worldwide including Germany, Poland, USA, and Australia.


Vodafone offers a broad range of international saver plans for travellers. The Provider’s International Saver Plan offer subscribers with 100 international minutes for as low as £3. You can also choose a 700-minute plan for £7.50. You do not have to worry once you exhaust your minutes since you will be charged the standard rate.

Alternatively, you can renew your plan at the same amount, i.e., if you were on the 500-minute plan, you will still renew it at £3. However, you should note that this program is not inclusive of any data. Subscribers can also take advantage of the international text package. You get to send 100 international text messages for £5. This translates to 5p per text which is somehow cheaper compared to the standard charge of 35p per text message.


The shockproof 2 GB SIM by iD does not feature any dedicated international saver plan; however, the provider offers extremely low charges on international calls for travellers. It also has a competitive data plan.

International calls are charged from as low as 1p per minute, and you are allowed to call USA, China, and India among other European countries. The deal is inclusive of 1.5GB mobile data. The amazing thing about SIM-only deals from iD is that they come with data capping, rollover and are inclusive of the EU roaming capabilities. For £5 per month, you get the opportunity to enjoy 500 minutes, 500 texts, and 1.5 GB.


The International plan by O2 is among the best plans that any traveller can think of in the UK. In fact, some people consider it the best in the market. The £15 that you pay is fully converted to credit for international calls meaning that you enjoy unlimited free O2 to O2 calls in the UK.

The standard rates for international calls start from as low as 1p per minute. Switching from the current PAYG SIM to international SIM will not take you much time. All that you are required to do is call 2202 from your phone. Alternatively, you can text the word INTSIM to 21300.

Three’s Add International Saver 

The Add International Saver Plan allows subscribers to make calls to over 30 countries. For £15.32 per month, you are entitled to 3,000 international minutes. However, the plan is exclusive of texts and data. To take advantage of the minutes, you are required to dial 388 before entering the relevant international country code.

The above sim-only deals are the best in the market, and before choosing one ensure you have fully assessed your needs and choose one that best fit your requirement.