Apple originally released the iPhone 6 in 2014. Despite its age, some users could benefit from it. However, the amount you would make selling or trading it depends on its condition. If you cannot sell or trade it, you may need to recycle your iPhone 6 16GB instead to retain some of its original value.

From Before you Recycle it Until After You Do

You may want to explore your options and find out which way of recycling your device will work best. These steps will help you recycle your iPhone if you can still turn on the device:

  1. Backup and erase data before you recycle it. Make sure you send all your information on your iPhone you want to keep to your iCloud account. This includes contacts and photos, app data, and multimedia files, or any other information on it you want to keep.
  1. Unpair your iWatch if you have one. Disconnecting these two devices will protect your privacy. First, use the iWatch app on your mobile to ensure your watch data is backed up onto your iPhone and iCloud. Then, follow the app prompts to unpair the two.
  1. Erase and reset your phone. The most important step before you recycle your iPhone is to reset it. This will erase all the content and data from your phone. Just navigate to your phone’s “Settings” app, look for “General” and tap on it, and tap “Reset.” You might need to enter your phone’s password before taking this step. Then, hit “erase iPhone,” or hit “Erase all Content and Settings” depending on what prompt you are given.
  1. Trade it for an upgrade if you can. If you have not yet tried to upgrade your iPhone with your carrier, you might still have a chance depending on its condition. The amount applied to the purchase of your new mobile will vary according to how much value is assessed to it.
  1. Find out if refurbishment is an option. If having it repaired would cost you less than a new one, this might work for you. You can talk to a smartphone expert about how to Fix iPhone and refurbish it by running a mobile diagnosis to find issues. However, if the value before or after having it fixed is not up to your expectations, you can explore recycling options.
  1. Explore your recycling options. You could donate it to your favorite charity, or you could try to use an online recycling website to calculate how much the phone is worth. Sometimes, you will receive a cheque, electronic deposit or other payment after you send off your recyclable iPhone.
  1. Give it back to Apple. You also have the option to give your phone back to Apple in some cases, and they often fix and resell them. You sometimes receive a credit from them to use, or they recycle them for free. When recycling it through Apple, precious metals such as gold, copper, silver and platinum are stripped from it by robots. Other parts such as cobalt or lithium from the batteries also are removed and reused.

If You Cannot Acquire Cash for Your Used iPhone

The good news is, about 85-95 percent of all devices including some Apple products typically are redeemable for cash. If not worth any money, you are strongly encouraged to still recycle it. The iPhone materials from old mobiles are now being used to make new smartphones and devices.

In addition to Apple, you might also find free recycling places such as O2 Recycle that make it easy for you to send in your phone. You may even receive a free shipping label to make sure it stays out of the landfill and safe disposal methods are used.

Even if you cannot obtain cash for your device, safe recycling instead of throwing out your iPhone 6 16GB is a requirement in most localities. Proper discard prevents dangerous interactions with other waste materials and reduces use of the earth’s natural resources.