When you are traveling to the United Kingdom in search of companies to make business deals with, you need to follow some rules. You may often find it hard to get the right contact and phone numbers of companies in the UK. Getting fake corporate contact details may land you up in a lot of trouble. In order to avoid that, you have the provision of accessing phone numbers of companies in the UK via free resources.

What should you look for?

Check out how you can find valuable phone numbers in the UK:

  1. Official company website

Having access to genuine websites of your desired companies is one of the most essential benefits of getting the right information. You can easily reach the website page and search for the option ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Contact details’ for further assistance.

  1. Call a marketing site.

Most times, the numbers provided on the company webpage are customer service numbers. You may not directly access the corporate number of their office from the website.

Thus, for customer service assistance, you may even call on the UK Companies Customer Service and ask for the company’s office number.

  1. Go for a press release.

You can make use of search engine tools like Google or Yahoo to access contact information of the UK companies. This will help you with more genuine information.

How does this help you?

The customer service options in the UK help you to locate the legitimacy of companies to ensure your safe business dealings with them. Sometimes there are access charges involved while you make calls using the UK phone directory. Fortunately, the charges are not that expensive.

There is a per-minute charge incurred on you for making calls to the corporate offices. You will be informed on the access charge chart before you make calls on the customer service numbers.

One more charge is levied on you for accessing phone numbers of corporate offices, which is the service charge. It comprises of the amount that fills up rest of the calling charge. The company you are calling for your inquiries will let you know about the charges involved in it. The information on the division of access and service charge may come to you as a message once you disconnect.

Are the company numbers provided correct?

The traditional directories containing phone numbers may not always provide you the correct contact details. Such phone directories are often available in the form of booklets in phone booths in the United Kingdom.

There is just 9 to 11 percent of the people who will answer your calls made via such traditional phone directories. But what about the customer service numbers provided to you in the UK? Are they genuine?

You can now get company numbers for making business contracts across the UK online. You can safely access the contact details of various companies in the web directory. It lets you find all important phone numbers that you might need for your business.