Remember the days when you had to run to catch a bus? Or the days you missed the bus? Or not knowing which bus route went where and when? How about having the right change for the bus driver to pay the fare? You either got dirty looks or were not allowed to board sometimes, depending on the driver’s mood!

Those days are over…

There’s a new app on the block and it’s the Stagecoach Bus App  that is about to take you into the 21st century.

Everything is in the one place

This newly designed app is one of those things that once you download it and use it, you say: Why didn’t they think of this sooner? It has all the necessary bus journey stuff at your fingertips.

  • Planning your journey,
  • buying your tickets,
  • bus arrival times at each stop so you are not having to wait, standing in the rain or in the hot sun.

Sometimes the technology is simply amazing, right?

People that have been testing the app say that buying tickets has never been easier. A few clicks and you have a paperless ticket system with the purchase sitting on your smartphone. You just show it to the driver as you board the bus. This makes the driver’s job a lot easier too.

Local travel made even simpler

If you think those few innovations are good, you haven’t heard the best yet. The GPS on the app can do the following tasks for you –

  • find the right bus for you to catch,
  • the route to take,
  • where the bus stops are located

If you use the journey planner feature it will help you find your bus stop. If you have a regular route, one that you use every day, for example going to work, you save all the details on the app and this makes ticket purchases easier than ever.

The App is free and is a great download for regular bus travellers as well as for the person who seldom takes a bus. It’s available for Apple and Android phones.